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내게 다시 (I Still Believe)

— Urban Zakapa

Urban Zakapa is back with a new album “[02]” - and to be honest, it’s pretty sick.  They’re known for their clear vocals and jazz and R&B influences.  내게 다시 (I Still Believe) is upbeat and optimistic - take a listen!

dl here

very nice job


Super Mario Genderswaps! This was a super fun design challenge, and I’m pretty pleased with how they all turned out — especially Luigi. My favourite thing is how Waluigi just looks the usual design, but in drag.

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그대는 정말 대단해요 (You're Amazing)

— 8eight

8eight - 그대는 정말 대단해요 (You’re Amazing)

Not usually a fan of slow songs but :P this one is chill, with a jazzy feel…a repetitive synth track thrown down with vocals going over it.  I like that falsetto is put to good use in the chorus, serving as a good contrast to the verses. 

[ download here ]

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제발 (Please)

— Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) - Please

Genre: Pop/Ballad

SS501’s leader is back with his latest single Please.  The track features a piano riff with an accompanying orchestra during the chorus.  His voice (although a little breathy) goes pretty well with the song.  Listen :D

[ download here ]



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Touch The Sky (Feat. The Quiett)

— 박재범

Jay Park - Touch The Sky ft. The Quiett

Genre: Rap/R&B

sorry I haven’t been active lately guys, I just finished my finals :) so I am now getting caught up with my kpops.  Anyways here’s Jay Park’s title track off of his Take A Deeper Look album.  The album cover is basically just a shot of his abs so I guess it sold well.  :D

[ download ]

very touching :(

story of my life

story of my life

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— B1A4

B1A4 - O.K.

Genre: Pop

Happy pop rockish song.  This group does not hold my interest at all…the fact that they chose the group name based on their blood types (1 B, 4 As) does not help.

In fact this chipmunk version by Haru is quite funny. 

[download b1a4’s o.k. here]  (chipmunk version)

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God Of This City

— Mickey Cho

Mickey Cho - God of this City

This song is really touching……….

Verse 1: (Kazakhstan)
I still see it / The faces of the people so vividly
Still feel their spirits like their hearts beat and live in me
Still hear the laughter of the children and it’s lifted me
To a pure place of joy / That’s God’s gift to me
Still taste the tears as I left each year
We’re oceans apart but still they feel so near
It appears over here that we are that far
But I still smell the land like it’s in my backyard
Three summers / I’m continuing to keep that heart
I saw the growth of a community in love and in unity
I thank God for those blessed opportunities
To minister to sinners who are no different than you and me
I saw the lost found
I saw their hearts being mended / Intervention when the message of the cross sounds
I saw the hope of a nation in everyone
And realized there are greater things to come
There’s more to be done

Verse 2: (Bay Area)
I see the city in the night time / I see the lights shine
At the heart of it I wonder what I might find
A city hardened by deceit / Pain flowing through the streets
And defeat lingers / Making all their sight blind
So many homeless / Living with no family
Aloneness / Insanity / Financially in a tight bind
Drug addicts and gang bangers that go at it
So tragically dark / God, come and let Your light shine!
The bay area’s sort of a grey area
With so much passion to witnessed a saved area
But at the same time / So many that carry a
Burden too heavy to hold / Are we ready to mold
A generation of passionate prayer warriors
To march through the land and declare God victorious?
I saw the hope of a city in everyone
And realized there are greater things to come
There’s more to be done

Verse 3: (North Korea)
I see a land that’s corrupted by deception
Misguided perception / And severed connection from the world
Where so little is seen and little is heard
National propaganda that screams protection assured
But so many that suffer agony / Poverty stricken
Living in the worst of conditions / These women and children
Families are living on streets
Desperate for money so they sell human carcasses as chicken and beef
A starving nation / Not only for physical food
But for hope that arises with spiritual truths
In a land full of prisons and oppression / Spiritual depression
We need Your divine intervention
And Your peace that would flow in like a river
This problem is big / But we believe that You are BIGGER!
I saw the hope of a nation in everyone
And realized there are greater things to come
There’s more to be done

You can get the song for free at his website here.